Cities are building up not out. More people are living in multi-residential dwellings, and the need for EV charging facilities within buildings and shared parking structures is growing rapidly. When it comes to shared parking structures, there needs to be a long term growth plan and management software system deployed to facilitate the growing demand and building constraints.  

Drivetricity works with home owners, property managers, and condo boards to create customized solutions for multi-residential shared parking. Drivetricity’s software is robust and adaptable, it has been designed to grow with the unique demands of each parking structure.

Becoming EV Ready with Drivetricity:

  • Increase Unit and Building Value

An EV ready building shows future buyers and tenants that the building is up to date with evolving technology.

  • Zero Energy Building Cost 

Only the drivers of EV vehicles pay for the electricity, remittances are made to the building monthly.

  • Low Cost Stations 

-Our subsidized fixed price agreement allows us to provide

-EV owners the best price guaranteed. Payment Plans available.

  • Remove your Time Burden

We handle everything: installation, monitoring, maintenance, management, and metering.

  • No On-going Costs

Our services are paid for by the buildings EV users only. Visitor parking spaces are a net positive investment, with no monthly fees.

Multi-Residential Charging stations:

DT Home Live  (requires internet connection)

  • Level II charging
  • LCD Screen (optional)
  • Charge your car 3-7 Times Faster
  • Live Software Diagnostics
  • Control your charging remotely
  • Program charge times 
  • Automated Software Updates 
  • Surge Protection for your vehicle
  • view usage data remotely
  • Power sharing between units
  • Charging Gun Holster
  • Easy to Install
  • User Protected

Multi-Res Management Program

We take care of your entire charging network.

  • Drivetricity Smart Management Software
  • Low Installation Costs – Included in purchase price
  • No activation fees
  • Installed by Master Electricians
  • Smart Charging Stations  (No additional meters required)
  • Long term EV growth plan
  • All inclusive installations
  • Load Balancing
  • Industry Leading Warranty

For more information on our program and software features contact us.