Working with Drivetricity for your commercial building: use the same page template as the new construction.

Increase Building Value and Leases

An EV ready building shows future buyers and tenants that the building is up to date and on the cutting edge of technology. 

Future Proof your investment

The infrastructure involved with EV Charging will keep your building inline with energy management and cost saving technology.

No On-going Costs

Our services are paid for by the EV Drivers only. Drivetricity Charging stations are a net-positive investment, thanks to our profit sharing program.

Keep Tenants Happy/ Attract new ones

Tenants will now be able to bring their EVs to work, and charge while they perform their daily duties. In addition, your EV capable building will attract the growing number of green businesses.  

Attract Customers

EV Adoption is growing and drivers have preloaded maps in their vehicles directing them to locations with charging facilities. 

Offer Tenants Marketing Opportunities

Coming Soon: Drivetricity will be rolling out, app based  ‘push marketing’ for commercial properties. 

Drivetricity commercial parking benefits

  • Profit Sharing across the entire Drivetricity commercial network
  • No Monthly Fees
  • All inclusive Installations
  • Management Software Suite
  • Industry Leading Warranty

DT Commercial Live

  • Level II charging
  • LCD Screen (optional)
  • Charge your car 3-7 Times Faster
  • Live Software Diagnostics
  • Control your charging remotely
  • Program charge times 
  • Automated Software Updates 
  • Surge Protection for your vehicle
  • view usage data remotely
  • Power sharing between units
  • Charging Gun Holster
  • Payment Protected
  • Industry Leading warranty